Sensory Starter Kit – 15 Expertly Curated Sensory Tools

Includes these 15 Items:

  • Comfort Wrap (1)
  • Wiggle Seat and Pump (1)
  • Kick Bands for chair or desk legs (2) 
  • Noise Reduction Head Phones (1)
  • Marble Mesh Tube Fidgets (2) 
  • Spikey Squeeze Loop (1) 
  • Squeeze Ball Fidget (1) 
  • Stretchy Noodles (2) 
  • Bubble Timer (1)
  • Control Is My Goal (1)
  • Sensory Starter Kit Tip Sheet (1)
  • Storage Tub (1)

Comfort Wrap (1)

Weighted for calming (5 pounds)

Can be warmed or cooled, for enhanced calming.


Wiggle Seat (1)

•includes Pump (1)

Sit on a wiggle seat to allow movement while staying seated. Pump it up slightly so the person can easily shift their weight back and forth.

Kick Bands (2)

 •For Chair or Desk Legs

Headphones (1 pair)

•Noise Reduction Head Phones

Marble Mesh Tube Fidgets (2)

Kinesthetic fidget that can be manipulated quietly in a variety of ways.

Spiky Squeeze Loop (1)

Heavy duty fidget with intense tactile input.

Can be rolled up and down the arm or twisted and squeezed to strengthen hands.


Squeeze Ball Fidget (1)

•heavy duty fidget & strengthens hands


Stretchy Noodles (2)

 •Smooth, silky, stretchy fidget

Bubble Timer (1)

 •Calming to watch & great for timing control strategies for self-regulation


Control Is My Goal (1)-
self-regulation book for Students



Sensory Starter Kit Tip Sheet (1) – 
(Full color, laminated) Self-Regulation Strategies to use with the Sensory Kit, including How, When and Why to use your Sensory Tools 

•Storage Tub (1)

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