Sensory Starter Kit –

15 Expertly Curated Sensory Tools

Includes these 15 Items:

  • Comfort Wrap (1)
  • Wiggle Seat and Pump (1)
  • Kick Bands for chair or desk legs (2) 
  • Noise Reduction Head Phones (1)
  • Marble Mesh Tube Fidgets (2) 
  • Spikey Squeeze Loop (1) 
  • Squeeze Ball Fidget (1) 
  • Stretchy Noodles (2) 
  • Bubble Timer (1)
  • Control Is My Goal (1)
  • Sensory Starter Kit Tip Sheet (1)
  • Storage Tub (1)

Control Is My Goal

We all want control!  Help kids gain control of their own bodies and emotions using this book.  Children choose the self-regulation strategies they need to help them regain focus using sensory tools.

Sensory Starter Kit Tip Sheet

How, When and Why to use sensory tools.  Includes many easy to implement sensory strategies.  Utilize inexpensive, readily available sensory tools and OT expertise to maximize learning.

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