Custom Sensory Spaces, Accessibility & Accommodations

Create sensory-friendly spaces for worship, ministry, learning, fellowship and fun!   Meet the needs of those with hypersensitive hearing or vision as well as those with limited hearing or vision.

1 in 4 adults and 1 in 6 children, live with a disability in the United States.  That is 20% of the United States or 66 million people.  Is your church or ministry reaching people with disabilities?

Is your building accessible in all areas?  Do you have accommodations for low vision or hearing if needed?   Does your space allow for dignity of persons with disability, allowing people to function at their best?  Is full inclusion in ministry encouraged and accessible for all people?

What to consider when selecting a sensory space

What is your goal for the space? Who are the intended users? What kind of equipment are you planning to have in the space? All of these questions and more should be considered.

We can Expertly Design Your Sensory Space with Your Needs in Mind: 

• Customized Designs: Support curriculum, maximize sensory stimulation, aesthetically pleasing

• Fit Any Budget, large or small

• Utilize Your Space:  hallways, gym, sidewalks

• Sensory Paths: Indoor or Outdoor 

• Sensory Rooms:  Calming or Alerting Spaces 

• Sensory Corners: Helpful for every classroom

• Helping You To Utilize Universal Design for Learning  

• Universal Programs for All Students to Access

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